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Guide to Beautiful Summer Feet

Summer is here, and that hopefully means plenty of sunshine, warmth, and bare summer feet in sandals. And even though many people may not attribute much value or attention to their feet, our experience tells us that well-cared-for feet bring joy to most!

If your feet are in need of some tender loving care, then read on in our guide to beautiful summer feet.

A lot of people struggle with feet that become dry in the summer heat, especially if you're headed to places with swimming pools, as the harsh chlorine water tends to severely dry out your feet! Fortunately, with the popular foot cream, Treat from Cana Care, it's quite easy to get your feet back on track if they've been affected by dry or hard skin.

For the best possible foot care, we recommend taking a weekly foot bath with lovely, warm water, preferably with a couple of spoonfuls of magnesium salt added. If you find that you have hard skin on the soles of your feet or your heels, you can effectively use an extra spoonful of salt to scrub those hard areas until it dissolves. This can be done either before the foot bath or after about 20 minutes, when the salty water will have already softened the hard skin, making it more pliable.

After your lovely, warm foot bath, make sure to dry your feet thoroughly with a towel – don't forget to dry between your toes! And, of course, it's time to apply foot cream. Treat foot cream is excellent to use after your foot bath. The soft cream will help maintain moisture in your skin while increasing skin flexibility and providing a softening effect. Massage your feet generously with the cream, and when it's well absorbed, you'll be ready to embrace the summer with lovely well-cared-for feet.

Tip: Feel free to use Treat every time you've taken a shower. It absorbs quickly, so you don't need to worry about leaving a greasy residue on the floor when you leave the bathroom.


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