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Can magnesium be absorbed through the skin? YES

When talking about magnesium absorption through the skin, it is referred to as "transdermal absorption of magnesium," which has been investigated and used as an alternative way to increase the body's magnesium levels.

When magnesium is applied to the skin, it can be absorbed through the layers of the skin and penetrate into the body's tissues and bloodstream. This can be an effective way to boost magnesium levels in the body, especially if there are issues with oral intake of magnesium supplements, which some people may experience, for example, due to gastrointestinal discomfort or reduced absorption in the intestines.

While there is limited scientific research in this area, there are studies suggesting that magnesium is absorbed very effectively through the skin. A study published in the journal PLoS One in 2017 showed that blood magnesium levels increased significantly after applying magnesium oil to the skin. Source: Gröber U, et al. (2017). Magnesium in Prevention and Therapy. Nutrients, 9(9), 949.

Benefits of using transdermal magnesium over dietary supplements:

  1. Better Absorption: Transdermal absorption of magnesium through the skin may provide a more direct route for delivering magnesium to the body compared to oral intake. Some individuals may have difficulty absorbing or tolerating oral magnesium, either due to gastrointestinal discomfort or reduced intestinal absorption. Using magnesium oil can bypass these potential obstacles and achieve more efficient magnesium absorption.

  2. Targeted Application: Magnesium serum can be applied directly to specific areas of the body where you want to experience the benefits of magnesium. This can be helpful for relieving muscle tension, pain, or stiffness in particular areas. By applying the oil locally, you can concentrate magnesium delivery to the desired areas.

  3. Avoid Stomach Issues: Some people experience stomach problems such as nausea, bloating, or diarrhea when taking high-dose oral magnesium supplements. By using magnesium serum, you can avoid potential stomach issues since it is not ingested orally.

  4. Comfortable and Easy to Use: Applying magnesium serum to the skin is usually a simple and convenient way to deliver magnesium. The oil can be massaged into the skin or applied as a spray. Many people find this application method comfortable and relaxing.

It's important to note that scientific research on transdermal magnesium absorption and the comparison between oral and transdermal magnesium delivery is limited, primarily because measuring magnesium levels in the body can be challenging.


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