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relax cana care gode råd relax cana care gode råd

Gode råd til dig der bruger Relax

Relax is a magnesium-rich serum that is applied directly to the skin - you know that. But what you might not know is that magnesium is a salt, and therefore, for some people, the product may tingle a bit when applied to the skin. It's not dangerous at all, and the skin usually tolerates the salt well, as it contributes to creating balance.

Many women may be familiar with this feeling from beach vacations in southern regions, where a dip in the sea with freshly shaved legs can often cause a tingling sensation. Some may even experience redness around hair follicles. This is entirely normal but can be a bit irritating, both on vacation and at home in the bathroom when applying Relax magnesium serum right after a shower.

But fortunately, there's a way to manage it, as Relax is excellent for your skin as long as you use it with care - and perhaps follow our tips to get the most out of it.

Our best tips for getting the most out of Relax:

Use 2-3 sprays per area as a general rule. There can naturally be variations in how large the areas you want to treat are, so you may need to experiment. If you find it too greasy, it's simply because the remaining magnesium residue will always sit on top of the skin. In that case, you can try using a little less at a time to see if you achieve the same good effect.

Use Relax on damp skin, preferably after a shower. When the skin is already moist with water, the product has the most optimal conditions for absorption, without the tingling sensation from the salt.

Massage the product well into the skin. Give yourself a gentle massage on the areas you can reach - the better you massage the product in, the better it is typically absorbed by the skin.

Use a good oil, such as our Embrace, to massage the product thoroughly into the skin. This will help the product to be absorbed more effectively by the skin while providing the skin with the most optimal conditions for moisture and care.

Use Relax only on intact skin.

Avoid using Relax right after shaving.


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