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Danske kvinder savner energi i hverdagen - undersøgelse afslører bekymrende tal Danske kvinder savner energi i hverdagen - undersøgelse afslører bekymrende tal

Danske kvinder savner energi i hverdagen - undersøgelse afslører bekymrende tal

In a comprehensive study among 10,661 Danish women, which we have just completed, the results reveal an alarming trend: 96% of the women indicate that they often or sometimes lack energy in their daily lives. This raises questions about women's overall well-being and underscores the need to address energy deficiency as a central challenge.

The hectic everyday life, combined with a constant demand to juggle work, family, and personal obligations, seems to have a significant impact on women's energy levels. Many face a constant challenge in maintaining sustainable energy throughout the day, which can affect their performance at work, interactions with family, and even their overall quality of life.

The study points to the need to take steps to understand and address the causes of this energy deficiency, which can naturally have many different facets. This may involve a combination of dietary changes, regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest, and stress management strategies.

To address this challenge, we would like to encourage Danish women to be mindful of their own well-being and prioritize self-care. This may include creating time for breaks during the day, engaging in activities that bring joy, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. In relation to Cana Care's range, we can recommend products such as REST, which contributes to relaxation before bedtime, and HEAT, which for many can provide relief should energy deficiency manifest as tension, for example in the neck or lower back. Most importantly, however, is our dietary supplement, ENERGY BALANCE, which aims to reduce fatigue and exhaustion in everyday life, launching in February 2024.

Furthermore, we would also like to encourage employers and society as a whole to take part in creating a supportive environment that promotes well-being for women in all stages of life.

The results of the study underscore the importance of addressing energy deficiency as a critical health challenge. By taking steps to improve our energy levels individually - and together -, we as women can achieve a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle that promotes well-being and success in all areas of our - and others' - lives.

At Cana Care, we will do everything we can to contribute ❤️


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